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Chapter 3: Configuring the Open Shortest Path First Protocol


  • Describe OSPF terminology and operation within various enterprise environments.
  • Describe the function and operation of packets in OSPF routing.
  • Configure and verify basic OSPF.
  • Describe and configure OSPF in various WAN network types.
  • Describe each common LSA types and how they form the layout of the OSPF LSDB.
  • Explain the relationship between and how to interpret the OSPF LSDB and routing table.
  • Configure and verify advanced OSPF features.
  • Configure and verify OSPF authentication.


    Understanding OSPF Terminology and Operation
    OSPF Packets
    Planning OSPF Routing Implementations
    Configuring and Verifying Basic OSPF
    Understanding OSPF Network Types
    Understanding OSPF LSAs
    Interpreting the OSPF LSDB and Routing Table
    Configuring and Verifying Advanced OSPF Features
    Configuring and Verifying Advanced OSPF Authentication
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